I believe that PIVX is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a life project. It would be an honor for me to be an ambassador for PIVX and contribute to the growth of this great community. From the position of ambassador, I will continue promoting PIVX in Cuba, and show the great benefits adoption would bring in our country. I see PIVX as a way for Cubans to access financing, have more effective economic contact with the rest of the world and evade government censorship. I also want to encourage more people to accept PIVX as a means of payment for products and services. I will continue to hold meetings with other Cuban colleagues who have already joined the PIVX community after the meetup we made. So let’s move on. Thank you very much for your attention. Greetings from Havana.

discord: @criptocuba. <@530515269978816523>


Our Address:

La Habana, Cuba


23.091746336043, -82.348712126824