I love talking about crypto, almost on a daily basis. And I mean intelligent discussions about the market, not just posting memes and asking about the moon. I use Twitter only for news and don’t have a following there. But I have developed a following on Facebook for my commentary and insights on price action.

Singapore is one of the biggest financial hubs in Asia, and now that the crypto bubble of 2017 has burst, it’s time to rebuild faith within the community. We can start here!

My training and background as a trader from a hedge fund led me to stay away during the bear market.

PIVX sponsoring UFC’s Cris Cyborg really spoke to me on a personal level. I’m a co-founder of a pro wrestling school in Singapore, as well as a coach and 2x international champion. Pro wrestling and MMA are obviously different, but the spirit of athletic competition and self-improvement are the same! So to be able to do this for PIVX would be completely in line with my personal values.

If you want to consider my experience building up a digital brand, please see my wrestling school’s Facebook page

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