Reza Ghorbani


I have been very fascinated by PIVX ever since I watched Snappy talk about PIVX during 2017 and joined the community a while back. I have been learning more about how PIVX works by setting up my own MN and talk to many people in the community. Even if I consider myself a noob in the crypto scene I think it’s great to help others with what I know.
I usually can help new people answer questions and I know by far most about crypto in general when it comes to people who are around me in Sweden. I’m the guy everyone goes to when they want to learn or usually buy crypto. I like to give back to the community and also help spread the word about Bitcoin and PIVX. I think privacy is really important and especially since PIVX is not using PoW it’s even greater.
In our community, we have many passionate members and I see that we are working hard when looking at github. So mainly the reason I want to be an Ambassador is to represent us in Sweden and teach and help spread the word in our small country 🙂
Let me know if I can answer any other questions.


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